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Classes Offered

Our preschool philosophy is formulated from the basis for lasting attitudes toward learning. At this age, learning is best accomplished through play and multi-sensory involvement, although our curriculm is academic.  Our classrooms are filled with exciting hands-on experiences. Opportunities are available for each student to experience success and challenge on a daily basis. Teachers and teacher's aides are careful to balance the needs of individual learners with the needs of the class as a whole. We seek to develop the whole child by addressing the physical, academic, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of each child. We believe that children are a precious creation of God, which God loves and cares for them and for His world.


Our day is a structured one and we follow the same basic schedule each day. Specific activities are planned and encouraged to develop fine motor skills, gross motor skills, perceptual discrimination, cognitive development and social and emotional development. A typical day includes:

  • Group Carpet Time

  • Centers

  • Playground Time

  • Art Activities

  • Bible Time

  • Free Structured Play

  • Snack (provided by school)

  • Specials (Music and Movement/Physical Education)


Our School Goals

for Every Age Group:


  • We help your child mature their fine and gross motor skills.

  • We help your child understand that he or she is a cherished creation of God .

  • We help your child learn to positively interact with other children as they learn to share and work with one another.

  • We help in the development of positive self-concept.

  • We help in the development of building positive relationships with both peers and adults.

  • We help your child develop self-awareness and maturity in their emotions.
  • We help your child in their perceptual development.
  • We help your child develop language and listening skills.
  • We help your child to participate in quiet play while learning to play with others in a loving manner.
  • We help your child develop pre-reading skills.
  • We help your child develop pre-writing skills.We help your child develop pre-arithmetic skills.


  • We prepare your child for the transition to Kindergarten with a curriculum that addresses reading, writing, and math skills.

  • We assist children in the development of independent thinking, problem solving skills and decision-making abilities.

  • We encourage children to develop social skills and positive teamwork attitudes through small group activities.

  • We assist your child’s academic development through directed classroom work.


  • We provide your child with a first grade ready kindergarten program to make the transition to either a Kindergarten or First Grade classroom.

  • We assist in the development of fine and gross motor skills through various classroom activities to fine-tune writing skills.

  • We assist your child’s academic development through directed classroom work that develops reading and mathematical skills.

For further information regarding our Before Care, Lunch Bunch, Extended Play,  Little Scholars and tuition, click HERE!

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